Oracle's OCAJP Certification Going Live in April 2012. OCPJP to Follow


News: Oracle's OCAJP Certification Going Live in April 2012. OCPJP to Follow

  1. Oracle is drastically changing the way Java developers obtain their 'professional' designation. Passing the OCAJP exam is the first step, and it looks like we'll see Oracle going live with that exam in April of 2012. The OCPJP exam for Java 7 will follow thereafter.

    It will be interesting to see how this new Java testing strategy from Oracle will be received. The classroom training requirement Oracle put in effect for their rendition of the Architect designation greeted a great deal of furor in the programming community, although Oracle has stated definitively that no official training requirementwill be placed on OCPJP or OCAJP candidates, so this is a positive step. However, this will be the first time that a prior exam must be passed, in this case the OCAJP exam, before being allowed to tackle the highly coveted OCPJP exam, which gives the successful test taker the Progammer designation.

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