NextReports 5.0 was launched today with some big new features.

First, a 'Global Settings' action can be done for every dashboard. Besides some common properties for all widgets , like refresh time and timeout, all common parameters for all the widgets inside a dashbosrd can be changed just with one click. To make it easier to use the same parameters in more reports or charts, NextReports Designer adds two actions for parameters. You can clone parameters from the current query /report / chart and you can add the parameters defined
in other queries / reports/ charts.

Another big change is that all server settings are kept now inside JCR storage and not inside a property file. In this way when you install a new version, there is no need to copy your old property file over the new one. Also, when you change settings, there is no need to make a restart of the server (there are only a few exceptions with properties which are defined also in your web server configuration). Settings may be modified only by administrators. A logo and some color themes can be changed to modify the look.

Designer can now comunicate faster with server with bulk publish and download. Also a bulk change for data sources is available on the server.

Server Dashboards can now be created with 1, 2 or 3 columns. Older dashboards can be modified. Users can see statistics about their dashboards. Widgets have now a timeout which can be modified.

Internally, the server was updated to JackRabbit 2.2.9 and Spring is now on version 3.

All features and improvements can be seen here. To see the server in action, look at the updated demo.