Hi All,

We have developed Excel Macro which uses Webservices to talk to our application to generate the required data.

There is a GetSessionId function which get the session id by providing the Username and password. This was working fine with HTTP URL. Due to security reason we made our Application URL to HTTPS and started getting the error mesage.

The function return sessionid with http://loadbalancer:443/niku/wsdl/Query/ASP_RISKS_Q")
 and ignore while usinh HTTPS i.e https://loadbalancer:443/niku/wsdl/Query/ASP_RISKS_Q")

below if the function

Function GetSessionId(userName As String, password As String)

'Get the sessionId
Dim objSClient As SoapClient30

On Error GoTo loginError

    Set objSClient = New SoapClient30

  Call objSClient.mssoapinit(par_WSDLFile:="https://loadbalancer:443/niku/wsdl/Query/ASP_RISKS_Q")
    GetSessionId = objSClient.Login(userName, password)
Exit Function

    displayErrorFlag = True
End Function


Thanks in Advance.