Just one month after releasing SourceSquare 1.0, Antelink is proud to release an update of SourceSquare.

SourceSquare is graphically creative with a range of colors highlighting the various files on your system. It generates a direct line notation of where the Open Source files exist, and even more important, how much Open Source is on your system. The treemap visualization allows users to get a more detailed outline of all their files, with and without Open Source coding.

SourceSquare 1.1 contains mostly graphical improvements (and a few bug fixes that our users kindly complained about!). This open source project is hosted on GitHub.

To see an example of what SourSquare looks like, check out the scan of our website with SourceSquare, which is based on Drupal and contains a lot of open source. (It is rated Open Source Jedi Knight!)

And then, download SourceSquare to run it on your own source code! The installation is very simple: all you need is a Java Virtual Machine and an Internet connection. No registration required. Just download, run and find out if you are an open source freak or not!