See the all 90+ improvements at full changelog for detailed information. Significant changes can be summarized as;

New Components

Enhancements to Existing Components


Feature List is quite long in this release however, PrimeFaces Team has spent a lot of time on maintenance so there is a balance between new features and bug fixes. Almost half of the changelog is bug fixes, improvements and other half is new features.

Backward Compatibility

There are two points to note regarding backward compatibility with 3.0;

  • Component referencing is now aligned with JSF Spec, if PrimeFaces cannot find a component, it will throw an exception. Since PrimeFaces 2.2 we’ve been logging an info message that component cannot be found and falling back to the client id. If you haven’t ignored these messages and fixed your code since 2.2, there won’t be a problem. If not, you need to update your component referencing with respect tofindComponent specification.
  • primefaces.THEME_FORMS setting is removed in favor of plain css, if you need to reset the theme aware styles on input components, add a reset css instead.


Accessibility enhancements are initiated with this release as we have already explained at here. Many commonly of PrimeFaces components like datatable, accordionPanel, tabView, input components, menus and more are equipped with WAI-ARIA roles and state attributes which improves support for Screen Readers. Keyboard support is already available in many PrimeFaces components, feature versions will even see improved accessibility features.


Visit PrimeFaces downloads page to download the release manually or update your dependency version to 3.1.RC1 if you are a maven user. On downloads page, we’ve also included the javadocs inside the bundle that has binary and source already.


3.1. Final is due 6th of February and updated User’s Guide will be available along with it next week.


Tentative date for 3.2 is mid march, currently pending datatable enhancements have the highest priority. We also aim to work on most voted features requests along with regular maintenance work.

That’s all for this release announcement, hope you enjoy using PrimeFaces 3.1.