TheServerSide Java Symposium hits the road and the Web in 2012


News: TheServerSide Java Symposium hits the road and the Web in 2012

  1. This year, TheServerSide Java Symposium -- North America's longest-running, vendor-neutral Java conference -- is being reinvented to make it accessible to more Java professionals. So, get ready for the new formats first outing on April 10, and set your GPS for San Francisco.

    Yes, we listened to attendees’ “I hate Vegas” and “too costly to attend” comments about last year’s TSSJS. So, we are delivering the type of content TSSJS attendees have ranked highly for a decade-plus to a city near you in one-day TheServerSide Java Seminars and to you on the Web in our Java University.

    Watch here for announcements of future TSS Java Seminars delivered to Java pros in cities across the U.S. and the launching of TSS Java University.

    TheServerSide Java Seminar’s theme is “Enterprise Java Strategies: Making the right decisions in mobile, cloud and architecture in 2012.”

    In this one-day symposium, the leading minds in our Java community will discuss how to make the right decisions about Java application development, cloud services and middleware strategies in a year when new computing becomes mainstream computing.

    Seminar sessions will examine how program managers and enterprise decision makers are using Java to bring together the assortment of technologies that have become pervasive in the realm of communication and interaction. From supporting disparate devices like smart-phones and tablets, to deciding when and how to move architecture into the cloud, attendees will learn how experts in the industry are using Java to address the challenges of modern enterprise computing.

    Then, there’s the upcoming TheServerSide Java University. We’re not forgetting that previous TheServerSide Java Symposiums offered more than one-day of sessions. With your easy access in mind, TheServerSide will also be delivering expert content in rich Java University sessions, where screencasts, videos, webcasts and other types of content will be available whenever you need it.

    TheServerSide Java Symposium has always had a long and rich history of delivering high quality speakers, insight and entertainment to the enterprise Java crowd. In 2012, the venues and the mode of delivery is changing, but we at TheServerSide guarantee to offer even more high-level expert content than ever this year.

    For more updates, follow both Cameron McKenzie (#potemcam) and the New TSSJS (#TSSJS2) on twitter.

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    Keep up the good work! It's nice to hear this "reinvented to make it accessible to more Java professionals" so where will the next symposium be held?

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