GoGrid’s Hybrid Architecture Helps Leading Global Publisher Meet Its High Standards for Data Security

San Francisco, Calif – January 30, 2012 – GoGrid, a leading cloud infrastructure company, today announced that Condé Nast Digital Germany, publisher of top magazines including the German-language editions of Vogue and Glamour, relies on GoGrid cloud infrastructure services to distribute its content over the web. By taking advantage of GoGrid’s hybrid architecture, Condé Nast Digital Germany can control its costs and focus on innovation while providing a secure, high-performance experience to site visitors.

“Two things are absolutely essential to our success: costs and quality,” said Hans Teske, chief technology officer at Condé Nast Digital Germany. “We provide our web visitors so much more than just magazine articles, and that keeps them on our sites longer. GoGrid’s cost-efficiency benefits let us focus on doing more strategic things like continually enhancing our offering and expanding to new or mobile devices.” 

Impressed by GoGrid’s proven uptime, reliability, and high standards for data security, Condé Nast Digital Germany started by moving one publication, Glamour, to the hybrid infrastructure. The solution quickly earned the company’s trust, and Condé Nast Digital Germany began the process of transitioning GQ and Vogue over to GoGrid as well. Today, all three of the company’s most popular titles run on GoGrid, and the company plans to move a fourth publication, Myself, to GoGrid in the future.

One of the biggest concerns for Condé Nast Digital Germany was data security. Many Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) providers use virtualized systems that store data on machines used by other customers, and this setup didn’t meet Condé Nast Digital Germany’s high standards. With GoGrid’s hybrid architecture, cloud servers provide the cost and efficiency advantages of virtualized hardware, while dedicated machines store data and run database functions, enabling the use of security best practices. The dedicated machines also natively run the MySQL database required by Condé Nast Digital Germany’s content management system.

“Condé Nast Digital Germany provides a great example of how leading brands are seeing tangible benefits from moving to the cloud,” said Jeffery Samuels, chief marketing officer at GoGrid. “GoGrid’s hybrid architecture offers the flexible, cost-effective infrastructure that companies like Condé Nast Digital Germany require to scale and be successful in the cloud. We are proud to be Condé Nast’s trusted infrastructure partner.” To learn more, read the full case study.