JPPF makes it easy to parallelize computationally intensive tasks and execute them on a Grid

What's new in v3.0:

Simplified network configuration: only one TCP port for grid operations, only one port for management, that's only 2 ports needed instead of 5 in previous versions.
Server manual and auto discovery can now be mixed.

Job recovery: grid jobs will survive an application crash and will be restarted from their latest persisited state. Documentation is here and an example can be found here.

Distributed class loading: full documentation, new extensions, multiple delegation models enable faster startup of grid jobs and nodes, and open up new possibilities for efficient and flexible grid usage. A new example illustrates how these can be used to automate the management of remote grid nodes classpath.

New extension points allow powerful capabilities to be easily added to an existing grid infrastructure.

The administration console now enables management of jobs priority, displays jobs statistics and idle nodes, retrieves full system information from servers.

4 new examples were added to the distribution:

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