Every variable you declare in Java must be associated with a type, and it must also be given a unique name. When naming your variables, put a little bit of thought into it and name them well. Well thought out variable names make Java programs both easier to read and easier to maintain. Good names can even make Java programming fun.

This isn't an episode of Wheel of Fortune...

When consulting, I often have to remind developers that writing a Java program isn’t an episode of Wheel of Fortune – you don’t have to spin for a letter, and you don’t have to pay $500 for a vowel. I often see garbled code, where variable names have vowels arbitrarily stripped out of them or they have last few letters of a word curiously removed. Smaller variable names don’t translate into better code, and the length of a variable name doesn’t have any impact on runtime performance – it only impacts readability and maintainability, and long-term maintainability is the most important aspect of any computer program.