Here at, we've been providing some very dedicated coverage to the new features of Java 7, with a look at tackling some of the new Java 7 APIs like the new File I/O (NIO.2) and concurrency libraries with tutorials and learning guides in the near future.

To compliment our tutorials on the new Java 7 features, we're kicking off a new set of online video tutorials demonstrating what Java 7 has to offer. Here's the first set of videos, starting off with the basics:

Downloading and Installing the Java 7 JDK
The Compulsory Java 7 Hello World
Installing Eclipse EE for Java 7 Development
Testing Java 7 Features in Eclipse: Binary Notation and Literals with Underscores

If you're more interesting in reading a tutorial than watching a video, don't worry. All of the Java 7 tutorials have a matching text version, so you can pick your medium and get yourself caught up to speed. Here are some of our more popular, text-based, Java 7 tutorials:

New Java 7 Features: Binary Notation and Literal Variable Initialization
New Java 7 Features: Numeric Underscores with Literals Tutorial
New Java 7 Features: Using String in the Switch Statement Tutorial
New Java 7 Features: The Try-with-resources Language Enhancement Tutorial 
New Java 7 Features: Automatic Resource Management (ARM) 
New Java 7 Features: Suppressed Exceptions and Try-with-resources Tutorial
Java 7 Mock Certification Exam: A Tricky OCPJP Question about ARM and Try-with-Resources

Have fun getting up to speed on the latest Java 7 features. There are more high-quality tutorials to come.