ZK Team announces the release of ZK 6.0, marking an official opening of a new ZK Series, its leading open source Java based Ajax development framework. With a whole host of changes and up to 100, 000 lines of code changes in between versions five and six, ZK 6.0 is a release not only with upgrades and higher performance but also introducing users to a new concept of data binding and MVVM design pattern, adoption of generics and Java 1.5, jQuery & CSS 3 style server-side selectors, advanced templates, compatibility to support jQuery 1.6.4 and more.   

One of the major overhauls of ZK 6 is the introduction to the next generation data binding ‘ZK Bind’ supporting the MVVM development pattern, offering developers more flexibility and ease than ever before. ZK Bind offers feature rich data binding system whilst being able to keep controllers under clean annotation expression consistent with that of Java’s annotation style. Representing Model, View and ViewModel, MVVM is an UI design pattern that helps achieve a clear separation of data and logic from presentation isolating View layer from the Model layer to avoid tight coupling between View and Controller layer preventing mutual programming ripple effects between UI and the ViewModel.

New features and functionalities of ZK 6 includes but not limited to the following:

  • Generic Enhancements
  • ZK Bind, the second generation of data binding and MVVM
  • jQuery & CSS 3 style server-side selectors
  • Advanced templates
  • Upgrade to jQuery 1.6.4
  • Menubar supporting KeyStroke navigation
  • Combobutton
  • Selectbox, Absolutelayout, Anchorlayout now in CE

For more detailed information on ZK 6.0, please visit the release note, upgrade note or download ZK 6 right away!