datasquasher beta on iOS, Android, WP7 and Symbian platforms on display at MWC

LONDON and BARCELONA, Monday 27th February: UK mobile data solutions provider millenoki ( is demonstrating its powerful new app ‘datasquasher’, which allows consumers to take control of all aspects of their mobile web browsing, on all major smartphone platforms, at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

The datasquasher App, which uses secure servers to compress data as the browser is used, is being demonstrated on the iOS and Android platforms, as well as Windows Phone 7 and Symbian operating systems, meaning that it will reach 85% of new phones sold.* 

datasquasher makes downloads faster and cuts down on browsing time-outs, as well as blocking out unwanted adverts, malicious websites and phishing. millenoki estimates that with datasquasher users will reduce their mobile browsing usage by up to 90%.

“The functionality of datasquasher makes it a hugely useful tool for users looking to take back control of their internet usage, cut down costs and speed up browsing. By making it available on so many platforms we are ensuring that it will be easily accessible by almost every smartphone user that is concerned about data usage and cost,” said millenoki’s CEO, Dan Field.

With mobile network operators (MNOs) concerned about traffic management and the Capacity Crunch, while trying to balance those issues with managing the user experience, datasquasher can play an important role. datasquasher lets users manage their own experience – switching off video or photos, or compressing data for a quicker and cheaper experience; or choosing the ‘full’ experience if they prefer.

The datasquasher apps will be launched on iOS, Android, WP7 and Symbian shortly after Mobile World Congress.

“datasquasher will make a big difference to consumers’s experience of mobile browsing,” Field added.

datasquasher provides a number of settings for the user to tweak the App to suit their particular usage requirements. Users can access in-depth information about how much they are saving by going into the App itself, which displays a detailed breakdown of usage and how much data has been saved over various periods of time.

For extra data control (especially when roaming) datasquasher users can choose to switch on or off data hungry images or video. And using an optional adblocker function it can prevent unwanted adverts popping up which slow down browsing time.

The datasquasher beta will be available to view, on all the platforms – iOS, Android, WP7 and Symbian – at this year’s Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, between February 27th and March 1st. You can visit millenoki in Hall 7 on stand 7B33.


* smartphone stats taken from Gartner -