Full ChangeLog

3.2 release is quite balanced regarding new features and bug fixes. Please see full changelog for detailed information.

Brand New Components

Reimplemented Components

Following components are rewritten as native widgets instead of integrating 3rd parties.

New Features


3.2 brings better quality with 35+ filed defect fixes. With our selenium test suite, we’re able to catch regression issues before they go in releases. PrimeFaces QA team is also currently working on a new Arquillan-JSFUnit test suite. With monthly release cycle, we’re aiming to fix any bugs quickly and deliver them back to the community.

Backward Compatibility

There are no major changes in 3.2 except slight differences in reimplemented components.

  • Growl now uses css to display the severity icons instead of the previous *Icon attributes.
  • Password component sets feedback mode to false by default.
  • Incell editing datatable requires editable attribute to be set true.
  • ProgressBar’s oncomplete attribute is removed in favor of complete ajax behavior.

New Widget Architecture

We’ve rewritten our client side widget architecture to get proper inheritance and callbacks to widget lifecycle. Prior to 3.2 when a component was updated with ajax, the corresponding widget was reinitialized, with our new design widgets just refresh themselves leading to improved memory usage on the browser and much cleaner code. Please note that this is an internal change and has no effect regarding the usage of the components.


PrimeFaces Themes also get an update with the new 1.0.4 release, most of the themes are unchanged and some get minor color improvements.


PrimeFaces User’s Guide is updated to cover 3.2 Edition and reached 460 pages. See documentation page to download the new guide.


Visit PrimeFaces.org downloads section to try out the new release.


PrimeFaces RoadMap is crystal clear, we are now focused on PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9.2 release that will bring new features, enhancements and bug fixes. After 0.9.2 development which is planned to be 2 weeks we’ll get back to PrimeFaces 3.3. Major features of 3.3 would be the enhanced PrimeFaces Push, implementation of popular feature requests and two cool features to ajax framework.