Enterprise Product Management application fully tested against Microsoft Corp.’s latest database release

March 15, 2012 – London, UK: Tribold, the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Product Management (EPM) software specifically developed for Communication Service Providers (CSPs), has successfully completed testing its product, Tribold EPM, with SQL Server 2012. Supporting SQL Server 2012 was completed without having to re-engineer Tribold EPM.

Catherine Michel, Tribold Founder and CTO, commented: “Tribold EPM makes extensive use of Microsoft Corp.’s products and technologies - an engineering decision we took on day one. It is a strong endorsement of that decision and to Microsoft, that we can support the latest releases of Microsoft products without engineering changes to our product.”

Michel continued: “When CSPs choose Tribold EPM to manage their products and services, the application immediately becomes mission critical. Tribold welcomes the Mission Critical Confidence capabilities of SQL Server 2012 to ensure our customers have availability and performance at low TCO; reduced planned and unplanned downtime; and simplified deployment and management of high their availability requirements.”

Claude Lorenson, director, SQL Server Product Management, at Microsoft, added: “Tribold was able to easily adopt SQL Server 2012, which gave them the latest mission-critical database platform for their Enterprise Product Management application. Without having to re-engineer the application, Tribold is now able to let their customers take full advantage of powerful new features.”

Tribold has attained Gold Certified status in the Microsoft Partner Programme for the five consecutive years.

Tribold EPM V5.1 is certified to support SQL Server 2012.

To learn more about Tribold and Tribold EPM, please visit www.tribold.com