A scrum based philosophy stresses a team based, collaborative effort. Using Scrum, we see collective ownership where teammates help each other. But there also exists a need to evaluate team members and their performance. How do we rectify this contradiction?

"The ownership of completing user stories lies not with any one individual but with the complete, collective team. This contradicts the appraisal process, because it is almost always centered on how an individual is performing. Inevitably, a team using Scrum has to quantify and produce matrices around an individual's performance. This raises a handful of questions:

  • Can we contribute the success of a sprint (and/or user stories) to any one of individual, when the team has completed it?
  • How can we quantify and take into account the fact that most developers sometimes help each other complete a certain task or a user story?
  • How do we encourage team members to help each other selflessly?
  • To summarize, can we measure individual velocity?"

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