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    i always read about using ejbs if you want scalability. can somebody explain this more. is it because ejbs are clusterable objects whereas simple plain old vanilla classes aren't? it seems like the most scalable solution involves stateless and simple, lighter weight objects...ejbs (stateful and entity) are stateful and are heavy weight objects...much thanks. tony

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    I think there are two issues driving the scaleability.
    1. Fashion. EJB's are currently in fashion and will be for at least the next year or two. So people are buying into them.
    2. Vendors take the heat. Every web based project has to answer a manager who wants to know that its secure, robust and scaleable. Using an app server means you can hand you manager all their docs.

    As to your original question, why worry, points one and two are the real reasons for using EBJ. Everything else is an excuse....

    Now if that doesn't get you more answers on this thread, then what will?

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    Good call Jonathan!

    Tony, I do not see why you can not build a scalable system using other technologies e.g. Servlets.

    Adopting EJBs should not be on the basis of scalability alone.