Is the job of project documentation constantly being overlooked, while your Agile developers look for other low hanging fruit that's more fun to develop and produces more impressive results when it's time to unveil the weekly progress? The Agile development process may have reduced the need for documentation, but that doesn't mean generating documentation shouldn't be an important part of every sprint.

"Agile development has been very effective at reducing the need for extensive, ponderous documentation. However, this methodology has not done away with the need for documentation entirely. It has simply moved documentation from a foundational role to a supportive role." -Jason Tee

In this article for TheServerSide, Jason Tee has provided a few tips on how to get your developers producing the quality documentation that should be part of every Agile development process. The basic tips? Here's the Reader's Digest version for those who don't want to read the full article.

  1. Focus on Reality
  2. Document Decisions
  3. Who Needs to Know?
  4. Use Your Writers Appropriately
  5. Favor Accuracy and Brevity
  6. Use Self-Documenting Code 
  7. Do the Minimum Required

Seven Agile Tips for Documenting your Project