Java technologies jump start your data access, tooling, and programming model in a way that makes your development cycles simple, easy, and fast.  From local servers, persistence frameworks, web services, cloud hosting, and full integration testing, even with a budget of “zero,” you can get started today.  


It's clear that Java is making a play for the social market, including a new JavaSocial JSR, Seam Social, Spring Social, and a wave of mobile components popping up from Red Hat (JBoss) and other big Java companies. With so much power at our fingertips, from JPA to transactional REST web services, those PHP "script kiddies" will be running to Java.

This three part tutorial from Craig Schwarzwald of OCPsoft will walk you through the entire Facebook application development process - getting your tools set up, bootstrapping your first application, and tieing it back to your Java services.

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