Are your applications secure from the URL to the database? Are you sure? As easy as it is to make mistakes when writing software, it's just as easy to mitigate your risks. Adding a layer of security and validation at the URL level of your applications may be just the solution for you.

As web applications become increasingly complex, and highly interactive tasks demand highly responsive solutions, OCPsoft has developed a new Java URLRewriteFilter offering to compete in high-availability, high-complexity environments.

By offering an aspect-oriented-like programming model for securing and validating Java web application URLs, OCPsoft Rewrite offers something no other URLRewriteFilter has been able to offer before: Type-safe, extendable control of your application's URLs. Re-use validators, converters, and configuration objects to secure multiple URLs.

Even better, it's Apache licensed for everyone to consume on their own terms. To learn more about this open-source solution, visit