Stephen Chin, the Tireless JavaFX Flag Waver, Goes to the Dark Side


News: Stephen Chin, the Tireless JavaFX Flag Waver, Goes to the Dark Side

  1. Stephen Chin, the Java Rockstar and tireless flag waver of JavaFX has given in to the evil forces of Oracle, and has decided to take his skills, experience and reputation to the dark side by working directly for Darth Ellison and Oracle.

    This is actually big news to us at TheServerSide, because we always assumed that he did work for Oracle. Okay, there was that other company we always invoiced for his work, but we just thought that was part of some money laundering scheme or something. After all, anyone with the courage to tireless swim up river pushing and promoting JavaFX must surely have had some skin in the Oracle game.

    But to our surprise, Stephen Chin is, and always has been, on the up and up. And now he's taking his honest enthusiasm to Oracle.

    We jest a bit here, but that's largely because Stephen's latest blog announcing his new affiliation with the Empire discusses some key reasons why he believes that Oracle isn't as evil as the community once feared, and that indeed, Oracle's stewardship of the Java platform is as solid as the people working for the company. He puts out a number of points explaining why it's time the Java community buries the hatchet with Oracle, citing the following evidence of Oracle's efforts to be good community leaders:

    • Oracle released Java 7 on schedule in only 1 year
    • Hudson and OpenOffice have been freed
    • Oracle saved JavaFX 2

    I think there can certainly be some debate about how Oracle may have handled the optics around these three particular points of interest, but it's becomming water under the bridge now. And regardless of what has happened in the past, the future of Oracle and it's stewardship of Java is only as strong as the people working in it's best interest, both inside and outside of the Oracle conglomerate. At least with Stephen being a badged memeber of the big 'O', we know we've got a member of the rebel alliance working our cause from the inside.

    Oracle Propels JavaFX Forward by Enlisting Weaver and Chin

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  2. Congratulations Stephen and the best of luck. Whether or not Oracle is "evil", there isn't any harm in fighting the "good" fight where it can do the most good. Sometimes that might as well be changing an "evil" entity from the inside out...

  3. I appreciate the supportive comments, Cameron, and can tell you mean it since it is laced with biting sarcasm all the way through.  :)

    I consider myself more of an open-source hacker than a technology evangelist, so it is nice that someone is willing to pay me to talk about technologies I think are cool...  and now that they brought me in to the team there is a possibility that JavaFX technology might get even cooler!