JXInsight/Opus 1.0 Released


News: JXInsight/Opus 1.0 Released

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    We are pleased to announce the release of JXInsight/Opus comes with built-in measurement overhead management and automatic performance behavioral classification for rapidly identifying hotspots within Java applications. JXInsight/Opus can be used in development, test and production free of charge with no time limitations.

    If you need more advanced performance measurement and management capabilities? JXInsight/Opus can seamlessly upgrade to JXInsight/OpenCore the gold standard in Java application performance management, activity resource metering and quality of service (QoS) for application runtimes offering multi-resource metering, inflight overhead budgeting, recording and playback, numerous intelligent activity metering (IAM) extensions which combined form the ultimate behavioral driven application monitoring (APM) and system control solution.


  2. Here is the link to JXInsight/Opus 1.0: http://www.jinspired.com/site/jxinsight-opus-1-0

    More information on JXInsight/Opus 1.0 in particular how it compares to other trial Application Performance Management (APM) trial software as well as a FAQ section on the visualizations and advanced configurations options though we have made it so that none is really needed by standard application performance hotspot detection:


    We have some cool visualizations in this FREE offering which can be seen in this video


    as well as this posting