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    Hi there ,

    I have the following structure :

    EJB1 - instantiate a method of a serverclass using reflection API
    serverclass method - instantiate EJB2
    When call IniatialContext constructor from the serverclass method I always get an exception Class not found javax.naming.InitialContext .

    javax.naming.* is imported in the serverclass and I use Weblogic . I suspect there is a problem related to Reflection . Did someone have a clue ?


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    I have once tried to use Reflection with EJBs and failed. Why because we can use reflection to invoke a method in a class instance not a method in Interface.

    The class Not found exception that ypou have mentioned is not clear to me . Could you pls send that code to me.
    But anbove all as I have mentionred, the Reflection won't work.

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    Hi there , I am back with good news ... I have solved the problem ! The key for using reflection in EJBs is the EJBMetaData Interface ... if you'll like some code examples please email me ...

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    Would you please email me some code examples for using the EJBMetaData Interface. We are trying to use reflection in EJBs without success.

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    Hi Daniel,
         I have been also trying to do the same.It wud be great if u could e-mail me too the reflection samples using EJBMetaData.I have been getting some CORBA.MASHAL exception while trying to do this.

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    ... sorry , I forgot the email , dcanelea at davinci dot ca ...