Now get five more people and see if you can figure out the 12 string API


News: Now get five more people and see if you can figure out the 12 string API

  1. A neat little video from the band Walk Off the Earth went viral a little while ago where the band, one woman and four bloaks, strum collectively on a single guitar as they cover Gotye's ever popular "Somebody That I Used to Know."

    If the 92 million hits the video has received on Youtube is any indication, it's obvious that the hoi polloi finds this type of thing pretty impressive. But as a developer, my first reaction was indifference. After all, I see this type of thing every day: a more than competent woman sits down to program a computer and then four guys crowd around explaining what she's doing wrong and how she could do it better.

    Every subsequent time someone I know annoyingly reposted the video to their Facebook timeline, I came up with some other programming related comment that made me laugh and reminded me of how handsome and clever I am. Some of my favorites?

    • "We've figured out the six string API. But we'll need to hire five more people before tackling the twelve string."
    • "Extreme Pair Programming: Five times the manpower, one times the productivity."
    • "Fast: spot the mythical man."

    Maybe I've squeezed all of the comedic value out of this lemon with these three or four quips, but if you think you can come up with a programming related quip or two that can rival my Henny Youngman wit, let's hear them.

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    It is the first time I know when video is so viral that people playing and singing in a funny way are in the headlines of TSS.

    Or maybe it is TSS that broadens itself to cover cool youtube stuff as well.

  3. "QA found a tiny [lady]bug in [on] one of the strings. We need to write this piece [of code] all over again -- we'll send you some help" :)


    This is what usually happens in a small development circle, even though we're all trying to be politically correct.