Microsoft provides a tutorial for building B2C sites


News: Microsoft provides a tutorial for building B2C sites

  1. Yes, this tutorial is using COM+/.NET or what ever it's called now adays, but it's good reading material if you're starting out even if you're a Java guy. The tutorial illustrates a lot of the new technologies and show how to do a data layer without entity beans/OR mapping.

    I guess it's Microsofts answer to PetStore.

    Click for the documents.
  2. Billy,

    Back in January there was already a discussion on this topic:

    > I guess it's Microsofts answer to PetStore.
    Why this remark?
    Some quotes/opinions from the previos discussion:

    FYI... there are more than this example which Microsoft has and has had even before the Pet Store example. Guess you haven't been keeping the "enemies" close.

    It seems to me that to say "Microsoft has learned from Sun" is a little bit dishonest.

    First of all, because Microsoft had several applications like that (maybe they were not published as a "reference implementation") long ago.
    Second, I was again surprised to see that Microsoft did its job a lot better than Sun.

    This haggle over Sun and MS seems similar to haggle between Pakistan and India. All of Pakistan's strategies are always aimed towards India where as India's strategies always address issues in larger perspective. India doesn't consider Pakistan as an enemy. It's just like anyother problem child.

    Similarly, all of Sun's press issues regarding their technology are aimed at MS. It fails to realize that the drastic change in technology since 1995 was initiated by Microsoft with all it's suits of rapid development tools. Sun was more of a follower, even in distributed computing. With their kind of attitude Sun and Oracle are earning a bad reputation for themselves in the competitive industry. What MS has done the smart way, Sun and Oracle are doing the hard way by hurling time wasting allegations and bringing the competition the the level of personal fight. To be a giant, you have to behave like a giant.

    It's foolhardiness to keep your eyes closed and consider such a software giant as an enemy. This is an era of strategic partnerships and Sun should learn from IBM and MS. It was this attitude of Sun that gave an early advantage to MS to focus more on selling strategy rather than focussing on petty issues that won't take any company too far.

    I realize this reply is a bit out of context but coming from a business major I'm not too deep into technology. I visit this site out of my interest too revive my technology background from time to time.

  3. I'm sorry but I don't know where your reply came from? I actually think the MS stuff is probably ahead of the J2EE game in some respects at the moment if you must know.

    The 'answer to Sun' wasn't intended to be derogatory in the slightest to Microsoft.

    As for the Pakistan stuff????

  4. I'm sorry but I don't know where your reply came from?

    just follow the link:

    and you will read a discussion on exactly the same topic. I toke some qoutes from there showing that your remark "I guess it's Microsofts answer to PetStore" is not that well choosen at all.
  5. Well I just checked and I didn't participate in that 'gem' of an encounter. I think you're reading context in to my remark that just isn't there. I take Microsoft a lot more seriously than many who participate here.

    Thanks anyway, I'll be more careful to fully qualify any such references moving forward.

  6. Grow up kids ... who cares what M$haft is doing JAVA rules ok !

    And why the heck do we want to know about COM+ and .NYET ? Tell me about EJB's and J2EE as thats what I come here for. If I wanna know about M$ MSDN is always there !
  7. For some reason I always get shivers when business majors wax eloquent on technical issues :)
  8. It seems Mr. Adnan Rafiq was not too happy with the Pak vs. India analogy to Sun vs. MS discussion. It was me who had made that comment and I never intended to speak against any nation in particular. There are certain hard facts that we have to digest with a pinch of salt.

    As far as "Business majors waxing eloquent on technical issues" is concerned, let me tell you Mr. Adnan, I'm not one of those business guys who talk without knowing technical issues. Infact, I'm one of those people who attribute the current downfall of technology industry to those business guys who bragged about their products and made false promises to match customer's expectations. Secondly, I gained enough experience in Software development after my Master's in Software Systems from one of the top most Universities in India before I embarked upon the idea of doing an M.B.A.

    In fact I visit this site frequently since I beleive in maintaining a balance between the two leading technologies and I have due regards for both the leading firms that drive the technology industry. It's just my perception of the issues that differentiates me from you and I visit the site to learn new stuff from you guys.

    Your comments gives an image that the technology guys don't feel secure among business guys and it gives an impression of xenophobic attitude of yours. I think a slight change in outlook would make this site a better place for constructive discussion and a better learning place for novices like me.
  9. Mr Pandey, this is a technical website. Please don't indulge in political analogies. I come here to read about technical issues relating to J2EE and server-side technologies. While you have the right to voice your political opinions, this is hardly the place to do so.