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    I'm looking for real world experience Service Metrics for Weblogics running on NT OS (either Win2k or NT4). I would greatly appreciate either concurrent users per box configured with (please state) or it can compile X JSPs / second with a server configuration as such (please state). Thanks.

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    Well, BEA doesn't publish metrics such as that because performance measurement is really tricky business.

    What I can tell you, though, is that in our offices, we have NT clusters that are executing over 45,000 transactions / second with 60 servers in the cluster. Of course, these numbers vary wildly based upon how the application is authored.

    There are also many notable NT WebLogic deployment reference accounts that you can be pointed to. BEA likes to find out what your requirements are for concurrent users / registered users / hits and then point to an existing deployment that exceeds those requirements. That way, you won't have any concerns about the capabilities of the BEA platform.

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    Can you let me know how many processors, how much memory, and how many instances each server of the 60 has please.

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    Well, I should clarify: that's 60 WLS instances, not 60 machines. Our clustering ability is not limited by the number of machines, but my the inter-server communication and any overhead that is achieved when you have that many systems in parallel.

    I don't know the exact machine, but it is some Intel PIII processor, running in quads. Each machine likely has 1-2GM of RAM. I don't know the number of WLS instances they are running / machine, but they are likely dedicating 256-512MB of RAM to each WLS instance and then maxing out the machine until the CPUs or the RAM bursts.

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    We've portal-like system working on two two-processor PC's (single WLS instance & database). The application is based on classical J2EE architecture (web-container and EJB container) and it works with Oracle 8i database (interMedia XML processing). Both PC's have 1GB RAM (PIII, Xeon 800MHz). This is a developer configuration.

    Running WebLoad with 70-ty virtual clients give us about 0.2 second transaction time. The number of transactions per second is about 40. The WebLogic server utilizes about 40% of processor power.

    (transaction time is the sum of the connect time, send time, response time and process time - i.e. whole HTTP transaction)

    Testing scenario includes:
    - displaying articles (XSL translation of XML data);
    - creating various list of articles (by relevance, by date, by priority)
    - creating and displaying navigation structures (expandable trees, quick-search bars etc.)
    - structural search (based on XML document structure)
    - collecting data about document's hits
    - evaluating math expressions (the expressions can be evaluated online and their result may be put on the portal page)

    The portal architecture is based on MVC-2 pattern. XSL and XML processing is based on Apache tools (Xalan, Xerces).