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    Please send me some JDBC (Oracle) samples if possible.

    Felipe Soares

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    Which application server are using?
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    We are not sure yet. We might be using Weblogic, but as soon as we still don't know I would like to make a generic (portable) code, is that possible ?

    Felipe Soares
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    Hi wisers,

      How can I make a Call to a DataSource without using Weblogic (weblogic.InitialContext) ? I need to use a generic InitialContext, like I do in the following code :

     //get naming context
          Context ctx = new InitialContext();

          //look up jndi name
          Object ref = ctx.lookup("Conexao_Oracle");

          //cast to Home interface
          conexao_OracleHome = (Conexao_OracleHome) PortableRemoteObject.narrow(ref, Conexao_OracleHome.class);

    Felipe Soares

    PS : Any code samples could be very usefull

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    DataSource ds = (DataSource)ic.lookup("java:comp/env/myDatasource");//map myDatasource in your ejb-jar.xml to some name and map the name to a physical resource in weblogicejb-jar.xml(or any other xml if using any other server)

    After u get a datasource, u can get a connection from it as
    and then carry on as usual
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    WebLogic examples for EJB is at: