I am trying to display data from database on my jsp page. 

<table border="1" width="303">

 <tr> <td width="119"><b>Machine name</b></td> </tr>

<% Iterator itr;

ArrayList machines = (ArrayList) request.getAttribute("machines");

itr = machines.iterator();

String name = null; %>

<% while (itr.hasNext()){

name = (String) itr.next(); %>

<p> <b>The Device name is: <%=name%></b> </p>

<%} %>

The above underlined statement is not displaying on the page. But, when I debug, it has the correct values in it. I have no idea why <%=name%> is not displaying.

Please let me know, if you have any clue why it is not printing.

Thank you all in advance.