Giles Alexander, a Lead Consultant with ThoughtWorks, provides some serious and significant insights about how to most effectively choose a mobile implementation strategy.

This thorough and comprehensive article about creating a mobile strategy covers a vast array of topics, including:

  • Why does mobile matter?
  • How to leverage differences and embrace similarities
  • Guiding Principles and Philosophy
  • Dimensions to Measure
  • How to make things really happen
"In the end, everyone knows that mobile is the wave of the future. The three biggest companies in technology are fighting over it right now. But unlike the web before it, mobile is making user experience matter. And it matters to the point where it could substantially change the shape of online commerce. It is a rare business that can safely ignore this for long."

It's a great article, especially for those interested in developing a mobile implementation strategy of their own.

Selecting a Mobile Implementation Strategy