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    The first GA release of Tapestry: Java Web Components is available at SourceForge. Tapestry is a comprehensive, component-based framework for building sophisticated, dynamic, interactive web applications.

    Tapestry includes extensive documentation, tutorials and examples. Tapestry includes the Java Build Environment, based on GNU Make, used for compiling and executing the Tapestry framework and applications.

    A complete J2EE application, the Primix Virtual Library, is included, ready to be deployed into the jBoss application server. This is a multi-teer application database driven application that demonstrates how Tapestry seemlessly interacts with session and entity EJBs.

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    Tapestry is an amazing framework for building web applicatoins, I would say indispensible. I recommend that anyone give at least a look at the whitepaper and the Tutorial. That would be enough to convert the hardest JSP user to switch.

    I have downloaded tapestry and used it to build a very simple web application. It was painless and I was amazed by the quality of the coding and documentation. The application I coded came up fully html templated with no code on the template but just on type of tag, that is, my designer could load it up on Dreamweaver and do whatever he wanted without breaking the application.

    While it was originally conceived to run on Jetty, I ran it on Tomcat with a imple lib update (it uses JAXP 1.1 while Tomcat has JAXP 1.0 bundled). It also works on Weblogic 6.0 with this same update.

    It is opensourced so you get it free and you have source code. While it is not a standard (like JSP for instance), it is standards based so you run it on any servlet container.

    This is a promising piece of software and I bet that it will grow into a widelly adopted solution.

    Christian Rauh