Management tools, like Spring Insight, are particularly well architected to support community development. Leveraging a plugin architecture to monitor and manage technologies, users and developers have the freedom to create plugins that monitor new, custom or not-yet-supported technologies independent of the main distribution. These plugins can be added to the deployment to expand the management tool's capabilities and match the needs of the individual deployment.

While this sounds great in theory, the process of publishing a plugin--signing a contributor agreement, documenting it, and finding it--is extra work that many community members generally stop short of completing. To help encourage users to share and obtain plugins they may not have the ability to develop in-house, VMware has created a marketplace where companies, including VMware, can offer "bounties" on plugin development that once contributed, the entire community can benefit from. 

To seed the process, VMware has requested 4 plugins to expand how Spring Insight users can perform byte code instrumentation on their Java development projects:

For more information on the Bounty Program process and rules, check out the post announcing it today or simply check out the Bounty Program itself.