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    Hi friends,
              can anyone let me know a simple good JSP editor..
    i tried few but i dont like anyone coz they r not simple..
    pls help me..urgent pls


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    Try JRun.
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    Try Forte for java or JBuiler 4.0
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    Don't use Allaire's JSP editor, if you do it will mess up your JSP Container's ability to recognize JSP's. Nasty stuff. If I were you, I would use Notepad or some other editor that doesn't take into account .jsp extensions.
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    hai guys,
            thx for your hlp..i found a simple and good editor called editplus (www.editplus.com)..we can use it for java jsp asp etc..its not like interdev..but its like an improved notepad..it differentiates classes methods keywords etc..hope u will enjoy it

    thank you