Tomcat Server Closes [with Memory Read Error]


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  1. Hi!

    We are running TomCat 3.2.1 [win nt 4.0] on our local server and also our site server. Wjen I compile & run my JSP files [any file that connects to a database[sql server 7.0 in this case]], the server closes immedietly.

    All we get is a windows error [java.exe application error] : "The instruction at "jxxxxxx" refernced memory at "0x4xxxx". The memory could not be read."

    What is the reason for this, and how do we avoid it.

    Any help that can come in soon will save us a great embarassment at the hands of our clients.

  2. Try Reinstalling Tomcat!!! That may help.
  3. Hi! Raghu,

    Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, Re-Installing TomCat hasn't helped the matters. Could there be anything else that could be wrong?

  4. hi,Even i am facing the same problem. I downloaded tomcat(3.2.1) two times and still i am getting the same problem and also tell me how to configure it.

    How to configure it with the IIS server.