The Mule team is excited to announce Mule 3.3 GA.  This released on the following benefits (tech details linked below):

- Merging of Application and Data integration: The industry has been split between these two camps but end users no longer care, they just want to be able to integrate their applications and their data using the same platform.

- Focus on simplifying rather than just adding features - typically integration middleware has all been about beating competition on features, but we see developers looking for a better experience to make integration less painful and supporting the developer eco-system (maven, junit, spring, puppet, scripting (JavaScript, JRuby, Jython, Groovy, PHP), etc).

- Cloud or on-premise.  There is a big demand for hybrid cloud and on premise integration. The Mule 3.3 release works on premise (Mule ESB runtime) or in the cloud with One of the things that makes Mule stand out is that we have a unified on-ramp to developing applications for on premise or cloud, giving developers the choice to deploy to the cloud later if desired. 

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