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    At the Worldwide Developer's Conference in San Jose, Steve Jobs unveiled WebObjects 5, the 100% Java rewrite of their popular web application server, known for its advanced object/relational mapping framework, the Enterprise Object Framework. WebObjects 5 applications can be developed on Windows 2000 or Mac OS X, deploys on any Java 2 Standard Edition platform, and supports JDBC 2.0 datasources, allowing it to potentially interoperate with J2EE servers.


    Object-relational mapping
    * Eliminates the need to write JDBC or SQL code
    * Manages one-to-one, one-to-many, many-to-many, and inter-database relationships
    * Automatically handles object fetching, caching, and committing
    * Allows you to embed referential integrity constraints directly into the model rather than depending on programmer conformance

    Database independence
    * Enables developers to replace the underlying database by simply updating the model, without changing any code
    * Lets you customize the object model for a particular application without having to modify the database
    * Supports the seamless incorporation of multiple databases into a single object model

    XML interchange
    * Allows your applications to easily consume and generate XML data streams
    * Interoperates with other XML-based applications
    * Lets you manage XML just like any other data source

    So, some questions are.... will the J2EE community embrace this tool? Will Apple actually start to market it? What will be the potential consequences of integrating this with EJB?

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  2. This will be interesting to see. They indicate that they allow development on Windows 2000 Pro, in addition to Mac OS X; I wonder if this includes all the tools (WOBuilder, ProjectBuilder, EOModeler).

    Part of the reason I wrote Tapestry (which is quite similar to WebObjects) was to be able to develop real web applications in Java.

    The other reason was to avoid dealing with Apple "We Eat Our Own" Computer.

    It is kind of sad that if Apple had put as much effort into WebObjects as they have into some of their wierd hardware efforts, they would OWN the application server market. The rest of the market is only just struggling to catch up to where WebObjects 4.0 was four years ago.
  3. I agree with your points here - WebObjects was way ahead of it's time. Unfortunately, I can't see doing any major development with it because I would scared that Apple would pull the plug on the project again.

    I can't imagine saying to a client "we've selected Web Objects over BEA".....

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    Woah... Damian? Is that the same Damian Roskill I know and love? The one who wrote de tetreece programme avec the 'dits on the side' ?

    I agree with you of course this issue. :) Drop me a line, dude... let's catch up: jg at bea dot com

    There can't really be *another* Damian Roskill in the world, can there?
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    Well, what can I say...I am that Damian Roskill and my message, despite the connection, wasn't a paid advertisement for BEA. B->

    Although it is a great product.

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    i built a fairly extensive website back in late 99 using WebObjects 4.5, and i can definately say it was ahead of its time. Good integrated IDE, O/R mapper, HTML editor, etc...Im using the WebGain 4.1 suite right now, and if Apple started looking at J2EE compliance a while ago, their product could have blown all the other "suites" on the market away. oh well.......
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    Are there any details released by Apple about which J2EE standards will be in WO5? I looked for information on their website but found no details.

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    WO5 supports JDBC so far, and should be able to integrate with most J2EE products since it is a pure Java library.

    Apparently they were trying for more in-depth EJB integration, but it didn't make the cut for this release.

    Though a minimum JTA integration wouldn't be overly difficult in my mind. I'd like to give it a shot when I grab a copy.
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    Anyone not familiar with WebObjects can view some
    QuickTime presentations online at:

    Look out for Apple at JavaOne, particularly the Friday, June 8 presentation of 'Direct to Java Client' technology
    which ships as part of WebObjects.

    I have developed with WebObjects since 1996 and even I was astounded at the ease of developing an enterprise level application with this technology. I can honestly say that there is nothing else on the market as advanced as this.