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    Hi there,
      I am using wl5.1 and oracle8.1 . I using oracle oci driver to connect wl with the database. When I am starting the wl server with the following settings in the file ,

    i am getting the following error:

    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view doesn't exist. I couldn't trace out the error. please let me know what is wrong with my settings or database.

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    Read my response to the last time you posted this....
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    First put the the oci drivers extract the jar file(i mean oci driver) in weblogic\classes directory or else any where but set the classpath properly.
    In the url of the weblogic property sheet you have given oracle as a DSN name so check it in your machine it is there properly and at last see that the table exists in your database or not.
    kiran Bikkina!
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    Hi Richard!
        You are correct!!! I have to comment the JMS entries. I will do that i will see whether it works fine.
     Hi kiran,
             Thanks a lot for your response.