Debate over OAuth 2.0 rages on


News: Debate over OAuth 2.0 rages on

  1. Debate over OAuth 2.0 rages on (1 messages)

    The Internet Engineering Task Force’s Vancouver meeting didn’t exactly have reporters scrambling for their notebooks, but the news that came out of the six-day event that ended Friday has had bloggers clacking keys across the web.

    The specs for OAuth 2.0, the protocol for token-based authentication that has gained wide acceptance among web developers, were being debated at the conference and the direction of that debate agitated the protocol's original author, Eran Hammer, to the point where he stormed out. The colorful language he used to describe the process belied the mundaneness of the standardization process.

    Hammer took issue with the direction OAuth 2.0 was taking, saying it was on “the road to Hell.” While he went biblical, others affected by the process took a more measured approach.

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  2. The open source midldeware company WSO2 recently presented a webinar on OAuth 2.0 and their implementation. The webinar explains the pre-OAuth era, OAuth 1.0a and OAuth 2.0 - concepts. similarities and differences. 

    The slides and recording of this webinar is now availanble on the website