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  1. java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: (4 messages)

    hi there,
    i am facing the following error while starting wl5.1 server.

    java.sql.SQLException: ORA-00942: table or view doesn't exist

    at weblogic.db.oci.OciCursor.getCDAException(
    at weblogic.jdbcbase.oci.Statement.private_parse(
    at weblogic.jdbc.oci.Connection.prepareStatement(
    at weblogic.jdbc.common.internal.ConnectionEnv.getStatementHolderForC

    I am sure that the database and table are created properly(oracle 8i)
  2. Is the user id that Weblogic is logging on as the owner of the missing table. If it is not has the user id been granted permissions to see the table.
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      The user that you created for accessing the database has dba permission.

    Try to access the table through sql plus client.

  4. hi there
    first check it out table name u r providing is there or not check the there may be a apelling mistake

  5. its was spelling
    soory for speeling mistake now u can
    this is reason why ur getting this error