Deploying JEE Artifacts with Jenkins


News: Deploying JEE Artifacts with Jenkins

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    With the advent of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, our builds are split into different steps creating the deployment pipeline. Some of these steps can be for example compile and run fast tests, run slow tests, run automated acceptance tests, or releasing the application, to cite a few.

    The final steps of our deployment pipeline, implies a deployment of our product (in case of JEE project a war or ear) to production-like environment, for UAT or to production system when product is released.

    In this post we are going to see how we can configure Jenkins to manage the deployment of a Java Enterprise Application correctly.

    First thing to do is creating  the application, in this case a very simple web application in Java (in fact is only one jsp which prints a Hello World!! message) and mavenize it to create a war file (bar.war) when package goal is executed.

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    Just another reminder that there is nothing named "JEE".


    Bill Shannon

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    Good to know that the 'Java EE Spec Lead' focuses on the real problems. 

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