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  1. how to get value from popup (2 messages)

    hi, I have two popups both of them having data from database.
    if i select first popup value, depends on that popup value another popup value is to be changed. can you please suggest me how to get value from one popup in the second popup query.

  2. Hi,
      Hey i didn'nt get what do u mean by popups(is it Combo box/List box) if so then...
       while defining/designing the page give the control name eg:<select name="xy".....> then once u submit ur page use getParameter() to retireve value and frame the query with a where clause accepting the parameter values then once agian fill dynamically the combo box....
      This is what u r looking for if not Execuse me.

  3. If the amount of data in the second popup is not too large, you can retrieve data for the two popup at page loading and use client-side scripting to make the selections.

    Hope this helps,