Touch devices are an increasing trend and becoming essential for more and more enterprise applications. Support for responsive design that fits screen resolution and a fluent touch device user experience has become an important value for developers when choosing an UI framework.  

The new ZK 6.5 brings in this value and in addition offers developers the convenience of having to write the code only once and have it run on desktop and touch devices. ZK 6.5’s responsive UI components handle touch events and device orientation automatically. Components are also made to adapt their appearance and behavior to the device which they are run on so they’re user friendly, achieving real device transparency.

ZK 6.5 also brings with it a performance upgrade resulting from simplification of UI component structures and style sheets leveraging CSS 3, bringing forth features such as:

  • Responsive design/components
  • Further HTML 5 support
  • Enhanced calendar support
  • Closable notification
For more details, please read the release note, view the new features or try it hands on.