This year Oracle has embedded a conference inside of JavaOne about embedded Java called Java Embedded @ JavaOne. Sure, it sounds like a hall of mirrors when you say it out loud, but the additional attention to the embedded segment makes sense given the predicted future growth of this market.

Abundant but often invisible, like the rats that live beneath New York City which citizens rarely see, there are over three billion embedded devices out there powered by Java, and that number is expected to exceed one hundred billion by the end of the decade. So as you can imagine, Oracle is interested in riding this wave as opposed to getting washed over by it.

An Internet of 'things'

"It's a business focused event geared towards helping you develop business opportunities around what we call 'the Internet of things'" says Judson Althoff, Oracle's SVP of Worldwide Alliances & Channels.

The Java Embedded conference will focus on best practices and case studies, while also hosting a number of the more casual speaker panels. Sessions topics include Tackling the Next M2M Data Deluge, Securing Edge-to-Enterprise Systems, Powering Smart Grid Controllers with Java and more.

If you're into the embedded field, it's certainly worth checking out. And if you're looking for some work, well, with about 97 billion more embedded applications predicted to be developed in the next handful of years, this embedded stuff might be a technology you'll want to brush up on.