We are using weblogic6.0 for our application. We are setting the
"maximum number of database connections" as 50. When performing the load
test, the "Connections High" on Monitoring of JDBC connections panel
shows 27 and the "Connections" field always shows less than this number.
Initially "Connections Total" field shows the number of connection
equals to the "Connections High" field. As the time goes beyond 30 mins
or more, "Connections Total" keeps on increasing. After approx,. 2 hrs
time the "Connections Total" exceeds the "Max Number of Connection" we
set, i.e, 50. As the time passes, the "Connections Total" reaches
sometimes the figure of 90 or more than that. At this point of time we
are getting an error as "java.lang.OutofMemoryError." and the
application server is not responding any more. It is trying to get the
connection from the pool and unable to get the connection.

I set the following attributes for the JDBC connection pool

1. Initial capacity = 1
2. Maximum capacity=50
3. capacity increment = 1
4. login delay seconds = 0
5. Refresh period = 0
6. Shrinking allowed = yes
7. Shrinking period = 15 mins.

Please give your suggestions to solve this problem. Thank you in