If you’ve ever been to JavaOne, you’ll know how easy it is to mess up your schedule and find yourself miles away from the session you’re supposed to be attending, just minutes before that session is about to start. Of course, when such a situation occurs, it can be quickly remedied by jumping into a session delivered by someone that you don’t know, on a topic that you never actually intended to sit in on.

That’s the exact situation I found myself in one afternoon at JavaOne, when at the last minute I jumped into a session named JavaOne: The Problem With Women, delivered by Trisha Gee.

In only her second year of speaking at JavaOne, Trisha is becoming a fan favorite, and this session was particularly well attended. The session dealt with the issues surrounding women in the IT industry, discussing both the challenges they face, along with the benefits they experience by being in the industry.

You may have missed her at JavaOne, but you still have a chance to read her de-brief about the session on her blog. It’s definitely worth the read.


JavaOne: The Problem With Women - A Technical Approach @trisha_gee