NoSQLUnit 0.5.0: A JUnit extension to make unit testing easier


News: NoSQLUnit 0.5.0: A JUnit extension to make unit testing easier

  1. NoSQLUnit is a JUnit extension to make writing unit and high-level tests of systems that use NoSQL as backend easier. Visit official page for more information.

    In current release instead of supporting one new engine, I focused on implementing anembedded in-memory Redis engine based on Jedis.  Read in documentation the limitations on current implementation. And of course now NoSQLUnit also supportsembedded Redis apart from Managed and Remote, you only have to registerEmbeddedRedis rule to use it.


    public static EmbeddedRedis embeddedRedis = newEmbeddedRedisRule().build();

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  2. I just came across this on a search - I never knew there was a unit testing framework for NoSQL! Unfortunately the URL is broken, and it seems the associated Github account has been discontinued. I found this page on Github with the documentation, but it's for an earlier version, NoSQLUnit 0.3.0: Can Alex or others please let me know where I can download the latest version of NoSQLUnit? And if there is a similar open source framework that is actively supported? I also have a related question - I am currently running Redis on my machine but considering moving to a hosted service like or, will I still be able to use NoSQLUnit or something like it? I understand the idea is that this product simulates the NoSQL layer in a way that will not require accessing the real database for each unit test. If I switch to a hosted service that has their own clustered implementation of Redis, will this still be a valid test? Any help will be appreciated, and happy testing :) Sarah