Data encryption? Java Cryptographic Extensions makes it easy


News: Data encryption? Java Cryptographic Extensions makes it easy

  1. Data encryption in Java is quite simple and the Java Cryptographic Extension framework enables you to encrypt data in different widely accepted algorithms.

    As an example for this tutorial we will use Blowfish algorithm to encrypt data.

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  2. Snakoil easy ...[ Go to top ]

    Haha, this was almost hilarious. The most basic JCE example you can find. There are at least a thousand of these if you google for java cryptography. No, encryption is not easy just because you can use a few lines of Java to do "Blowfish". A lot of developers are tricked into believing this and then design really insecure systems believing that "we use blowfish, it is secure". In this example the key, in which the actual security security relies, is hardcoded. Doing secure key management is really hard, which many experienced developers have found out the hard way. Please, please don't use this trivial example to encrypt your credit card database :-)
  3. Snakoil easy ...[ Go to top ]

    My friend...If you only in how many cases credit card numbers are encrypted this way... :)

  4. Yep[ Go to top ]

    I know, but I would not recommend it :-)