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    Hi there,
    How can i upload a file to oracle database using EJB(BMP)
    and JSP front-end

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    Multiform processing classes for servlets you could find at I can't see any need in EJB in current situation.

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    You are correct!!! If i am using JSP or Servlets I can do it without the help of EJB. The thing is I am also using Swing Client in Addition to JSP client. I don't want write a seperate swing application using RMI to call the upload methid from the server.
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    I am also looking for the same. Can u tell me where is exactly in the if you find.

    Thanks in advance
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    I have wrote a Servlet for uploading a file! Now I am planning to re-write it to BMP and access it through JSP Client, and Swing Client....I will let you know if it works fine!!!
  6. I have a problem in Weblogic 5.1. When i submit the form with multipart/form-data. when i catch the value on JSP it returns null. What could be the reason. Same thing works in Resin 1.2.1

    here is my code:
    <form name='f1' action='upfile.jsp' method='post' ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data">

    <INPUT TYPE="FILE" NAME="file1" value='' >

    <input type=submit name=sub value="Submit" >


    <%@ page%>


    String s=request.getParameter("file1");

    out.println("Value of s is "+s);


    Any help on this.

    thank you.