This is a minor update release with the following changes:

  • fix: deleting messages from queues on HornetQ servers not working
  • feature: reformatting of queue/topic names with dots can now be turned off
  • feature: connecting to servers is now done in the background to prevent ui freezes
  • other miscellaneous internal fixes

The release can be found on

We are planning new releases and the the addition of new features, please visit our google groups page and post your feature request.

Note: People upgrading should use a different directory or delete the old one prior to extracting version 2.5.1. Copying over an exiting version may work but is NOT recommended or supported. If you are using legacy providers please redownload these plugins again to prevent side effects.

With JMS Browser you can browse, view and send JMS messages in queues and topics easily from a powerful Eclipse based user interface.

  • runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X natively in 32/64 bit mode
  • monitor your queues and topics with message preview, nondestructively
  • powerful live filtering of messages
  • save, edit, send and resend messages
  • with XML formatting- drag'n'drop messages
  • easy-to-use support for many different jms providers
  • unrestricted 30 day trial version

Visit the JMSBrowser Homepage for more information
Or watch the video tour to get a fast overview