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    How to make a JNDI sharable across multiple Weblogic servers. I want to access a EJB deployed on a WL which is on a different system. It seems both the systems should have a JNDI. Is that the way or any other way out. How to do it.

    Thanks in advance
  2. If the servers are in a cluster then you are descibing a non homogenous cluster (A cluster when all servers are not identical.)

    It sounds like you haven't got your servers set up as a cluster. If you did then the JNDI trees would automatically replicate without you doing anything. Set the servers up in a cluster (WL docs are quite clear on how to do this) and things will be fine.

    Note however that non homogenous clusters are usually a real pain in the "&* to maintain, whereas homogenous ones are quite nice.

    If you don't want the servers in a cluster then you need to populate the Properties object you pass to the constructor for InitialContext to point to the other server, in which case you will get a JNDI connection to that server and can lookup things on it's tree rather than your own. If you are currently not passing a Properties object to the InitialContext constructor then you are creating a JNDI connection to your own server (I.e. the one in which the call is made) so you can only see things on your own tree.

    Does that help?