WAPT is a load, stress and performance testing tool for websites and web-based applications. In contrast to "800-pound gorilla" load testing tools, WAPT is designed to minimize the learning curve and give the user an ability to create a heavy load from a single regular workstation. You can create a basic test scenario and get meaningful information about your performance landscape in a matter of minutes.

What's New:

- With the new version you can specify all load characteristics separately for each user profile. Some of them can run only on certain test phases, some have limited number of sessions.

- Now WAPT includes additional features to handle custom request headers and new authentication schemes. It can also use multiple connections to load page elements, while previous versions used only a single one.

- Multiple small but very useful features to make your work with the product faster and more convenient: you can create variables automatically while browsing server responses; the list of variable values is shown directly in the logs; you can schedule test run at any time and repeat it without any external scheduler; binary view for response content; ability to make a repository of logs and reports; and many more improvements.

Read more: http://www.loadtestingtool.com

Download free 30-day trial: http://www.loadtestingtool.com/download.shtml

PowerPoint demo (SlideShare): http://www.slideshare.net/softlogica/wapt-presentation