Mark Gargenta on how the hybrid skills gap is hurting mobile


News: Mark Gargenta on how the hybrid skills gap is hurting mobile

  1. The future of mobile application development is a combination of Java, JavaScript and HTML5. Fortunately, there is no shortage of Java developers. Furthermore, programmers who are adept at HTML5 and Web scripting languages are in plentiful supply. But how many developers understand how the two fit together?

    In this interview with Mark Gargenta, the author of Learning Android and CEO at the San Francisco-based training company Marakana Inc, we talk about the future of Android development, the role hybrid development plays in that future, and how the most important skill a mobile developer can acquire is the ability to understand how to architect solutions that meld the two technologies together.

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  2. I don't get it[ Go to top ]

    What's so difficult about using Java with an HTML5 front-end?